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Time and place for the Estonian Show Fair - Showtime!

Open 24/7 @ www.showfair.ee 

Welcome to Estonian Show Fair!

The mission of Estonian Show Fair is to introduce the entertainment programs by Estonian artists and service providers in order to promote the entrepreneurship and information about the Estonian cultural and entertainment sphere.

Estonian Show Fair is a nationwide communication project in the Show Fair media channels and big events of the fair partners where the artists and service providers cans showcase what they have to offer.

Estonian Show Fair online fair is a perfect opportunity to present every exciting area of Estonian culture and entertainment -  to Estonia and to the world. All those who are somehow engaged in the entertainment field are welcome to participate as exhibitors.

For participation, contact us.

Ülar PalmÜlar Palm
Organizer of the Show Fair
www.showmess.ee www.showfair.ee 


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